Timetables and class lists by section

Here are the latest versions of the class lists for Section A, B, and C. The sections are filled by random choice as students register. They are not written in stone and may change. Posted with each section list is a course timetable which hopefully is more readable than the ones posted on Banner! They too may change without notice. We will advise you of any changes. There are about 20-22 students in each section. These are the students that you will get to know first. We hope  you get to know the students in the other sections as time goes by. We will be introducing you to the second year students during orientation week. The timetable posted with your section list is the one that you will follow for the next 14 weeks. We will be posting a special orientation week timetable that will be in effect just for the first week. Look for that in a few days here, as details are still being finalized. Just click on the timetable below after finding your name.

Section 1A Timetable 1-A FALL 2010

Allen, Kayla
Becket, Joanna W.
Bisson, Paige L.
Caissie, Kayla
Carlton, Corina D.
Cochrane, Brada Michelle
Goyetche, Joan E.
Haveman, Kristen D.
James, Stephanie A.
Kingelin, Kayla M.
Lee, Thomas
Lodder, Andre
Maquiso, Melchizedek R.
McCooeye, Megan E.
Munroe, Rhea L.
Pecjak, Meagan D.
Psutka, Rachel A.
Sanford, Marina A.
Seguin, Christopher L.
Tingchaleun, Terry
Yuile, Alexandria J.

Section 1B TIMETABLE 1-B FALL 2010

Blodgett, Timothy
Campbell, Brynn N.
Charbonneau, Danielle M.
Collins, Charmaine
Del Grosso, Libera S.
Gagne, Kelly M.
Haigh, Mallory L.
Hobbs, Samantha C.
Kallaste, Sharon P.
Kong, Tristan Z.
Lajoie, Justin N.
Lege-Jovian, Remy A.
Lopez, Adriana
McEwen, Tiffany A.
Murray, Melissa A.
Peters, Jeffrey M.
Rempel, Rebecca J.
Schmidt, Carleen J.
Smallman, Elizabeth A.
Vettorazzo, Nick G.

Section 1C TIMETABLE 1-C FALL 2010

Ambrose, Chelsea A.
Breiland, Cole S.
Cantelon, Samantha C.
Christopherson, Amielle M.
Corriveau, Jessica E.
Davidson, Cassandra
Di Nardo, Melissa
Ellingson, Chloe
Garay-Giraldo, Manuela
Hart, Sara L.
Horn, Linda D.
Kavanagh-Bradette, Liam
Lemaire, Melissa M.
Lupkoski, Bradley M.
McPherson, Chelsea E.
Pearce, Daniel
Piett, Brittany B.
Schofield, Sarah
Spafford, Danielle
Voss, Megan

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