Work Study on campus job opportunities

This is a demanding program. It is also an expensive program. In a perfect world, every student would be able to fully fund their education without working on the side. For some students, finding a part time job is , well, academic. Ideally, the best jobs are ones with some flexibility of hours, and the side benefits of working with people. Learning to deal with people of all kinds in a variety of situations is value added to whatever monies you earn. I have long thought that one of the best jobs in that vein is that of a waiter or waitress. Serving jobs require you to be “on” with people and connect with them. Your success or failure is often reflected in the gratuity at the end of the service. Simply put, you get out of any experience  in life what you put into it.

There are some jobs at Loyalist on campus that fall under the subsidized “Work Study” program. These jobs are ideal for students, allowing an income on campus in familiar and student friendly surroundings. The following note from Pearl Vani-Hill outlines what is necessary to apply for part time positions throughout the college. Have a look and contact her if you have any questions. There are some restrictions, but it is a great fit for many students. Have a look!

The 2010-11 Work Study application is now available online under Scholarships, Awards and Work Study.   The student should download the completed application to my office for approval.  I will then email the approval to the student who will either print it off or email  it to the Hiring Manager – there will be no paper applications.   Once the student has been hired then the school Office  Coordinator should  notify HR.   Work Study students must maintain a 60% GPA with no course failures and cannot earn more than $2000/school year.   All Work Study positions can be posted with the Career Centre.  Thanks.


Pearl Vani-Hill, FAO

613 969 1913 ext.2226

NOTE: The Work Study application is now on-line as part of the bursary process.  If  students are applying for Work Study receipts are not required for this process.  However they are still mandatory for all bursaries and must be submitted by the specified deadline date.    A list of jobs will be available at the Loyalist College Career Centre or you can access the list at Username: loyaliststudent1   Password: Student1.  Students will be receiving an email from the Financial Aid Office to confirm their approval in the Work Study Program.  The students will then forward this email to their hiring managers.

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