Orientation Week information for First Year Photojournalism students

Orientation details are almost complete. Posted below is an expanded schedule for Tuesday September 7. A special timetable for the week is posted below as well in pdf form. Both are not written in stone and are subject to change, so make sure you check in to look for changes. See you soon!

Orientation Day–Sept. 7, 2010

Schedule for First Year Photojournalism Students

9:00 a.m.- meet in gymnasium for Dean’s welcome and introductions.

9:45 a.m.  approx. – proceed to Photojournalism area (with group)

10:00 a.m.- Break into three sections

–       Section A- moves to 1n5h classroom for breakout orientation session

–       Sections B and C have their Media Pass photos taken during this time

11:30 a.m. -Proceed to Presidents welcome BBQ on the upper playing field

1:00 p.m.- Section B returns to breakout orientation session in 1n5h classroom

Section A gets their Media Pass photos  taken in the Photojournalism area

2:00 p.m. Section C attends breakout orientation session in 1n5h classroom

Here is the pdf for the orientation week schedule.

Timetable Orientation 2010 First Year final

A  detailed breakdown of all College Orientation events can be found at the Coming Events link on the Loyalist homepage. Follow this link.



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