Intro Photojournalism Portfolio requirements Dec. 2010

Your first semester is almost over! Time for you to begin to assemble your first portfolio! Read on  below to find out what is required of you before presentation sessions begin next week!

IntroPhotojournalism Portfolio Requirements

December 2010

As discussed in class, you are to sign up for one of the sessions posted on the classroom door in 1n5h. During this session you will present your first semester portfolio of your six best images. No less. No more. These six images may be from any time period and should be your best journalistic work. Your work will be judged for its journalistic content and technical merit. You and your work should be presented in a professional manner. This presentation should be approached as you would a job interview.

Your portfolio submission should be six jpeg images, 9 inches longest dimension, high quality baseline standard jpegs. You may submit a picture story of no more than 4 images, but it is not mandatory. If you do include a picture story, it will count as one item of the six items in the portfolio. Full caption information should be in the file info boxes with photo credit. These images should be burned to a CD with your name written legibly on the disc. No postproduction values, (music, sound, poetry etc.) should be present. The disc must be accompanied by a single sheet of paper containing six thumbnail photos that will act as an index card for the CD. Your name must be on this sheet.

Your portfolio will be judged by a minimum of two faculty members. At the end of the session, you will be requested to step outside the room for a couple of minutes while the faculty present discuss your grade. You will then be requested to return to the room and your portfolio grade will be given to you. This grade will form 20 percent of your final grade in PHJN 1001 Introphotojournalism. Your submitted portfolio will be the starting point for your Portfolio Course beginning in Jan. 2011. Room availability for portfolio presentations will change day to day depending on class schedules. Please check the postings on the classroom door 1n5h for daily room availability. Presentations may be move to Patti’s office room 1n3A should the classroom be needed for scheduled classes.

Friday’s class time will be given over to portfolio preparation.

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