Loyalist College Photojournalism Advisory Board Chairman Jim Wilkes retires from The Toronto Star after 36 years in Canadian Photojournalism

Happy Retirement Jim! 

Photo courtesy of Toronto Star Photoblog

One of the best things about our Photojournalism Program here at Loyalist is our Advisory Board. It is comprised of industry professionals from all applications of the skill set from photographers to writers to editors to multimedia producers.  The board meets each semester with the students, reviewing portfolios, offering advice, mentoring and helping establish careers with internships and jobs. Chairing that dedicated group for over 20 years has been Jim Wilkes. We would not be the program we are without people such as Jim.

Jim retired from the Toronto Star earlier this month after a career that spanned  36 years as writer and news photographer, winning over 75 awards along the way. You can see a wonderful tribute to Jim by his peers here on the Toronto Star Photographers blog. http://thestar.blogs.com/photoblog/

As the modern skill set evolves, it is interesting that the very reporter/photographer skills that Jim brought to the newsroom every day for 36 years are as valid and in demand as ever. Jim, you were ahead of your time and we wish you well on your retirement!  See you at the next Advisory Board!

Here are some photos  of Jim at work with students during our November Advisory Board meeting. Joining Jim from left to right areRod MacIvor, Moe Doiron, and Ian MacAlpine.

photos by Joanna Beckett

Mark Tarnovetsky gets some advice from Jim.
Always one of the last to leave the portfolio sessions, Jim looks at the portfolio of PhotoJ student Kristen Haveman.

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