Award Season fruitful for Loyalist College Photojournalism grads and undergrads!

What a weekend for Loyalist College Photojournalism!

This past weekend, April 27 and 28, journalists from across Canada were honoured by a variety of professional organizations, Rarely do these various groups hold their awards galas on the same weekend. This year was the exception! The National Newspaper Awards, The News Photographer’s Association of Canada, and the Canadian Association of Journalists met to honour the best of Canadian journalism. This was preceded by awards ceremonies held by the Canadian Community Newspaper Association and the Ontario Community Newspaper Association recently to honour the best from across Canada. Additionally, the Sony World Photography Awards were announced recently.

In this our 25th year of Photojournalism education in Canada here at Loyalist, we are especially proud of our Photojournalism family members. The honourees are spread across those 25 years. Congratulations to all!

We have done our best to assemble a list of winners from the various organizations. If we have missed anyone, our apologies! Let us know and we will add any we have overlooked!

National Newspaper Award  Winners

News Feature Photography: Winner: Chris Wattie, Reuters, for a photo (above) of Jack Layton’s casket in the foreground of a sea of faces; Runners-up: John Lehmann, The Globe and Mail, for a photo of a 13-person canoe about to leave on an expedition visiting remote native villages between Tofino and Port Alberni; Tara Walton, Toronto Star, for a photo of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient who had been sexually assaulted.

Sports Photography: Winner: Derek Ruttan of the London Free Press for a hurdles runner outdistancing his opponents at a high school meet.

Feature Photography: Runner-up:  Mathew McCarthy of the Waterloo Region Record for photo of a woman with an umbrella seen through rain droplets on a car window.

News Photography: Winner: Rich Lam  (former  fast track student!) of Getty Images for a photo of a couple kissing during the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots; Runner-up: Steve Russell of the Toronto Star of a photo of Jack Layton just after the election results were known.



OTTAWA, April 29, 2012 /CNW/ – The News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) has announced the winners of its annual National Pictures of the Year (NPOY) award during the National Pictures of the Year Gala event in Ottawa, Ontario on April 28, 2012.

NPAC NPOY Organizer, Ric Ernst, says once again the judges where overwhelmed with the quality of work submitted by the photographers. “The nominated photos transport the viewer to a different time and place, allowing them to experience a moment as if it was their own,” says Ernst. “The judges found it incredibly difficult to select the winners, but feel they chose the photographs that best established a connection with the subject.”

The News Photographers Association of Canada’s 2011 National Pictures of the Year  Loyalist contingent Winners are:

Spot News – Sponsored by The Camera Store

2. Tijana Martin – Independent

3. Deborah Baic – The Globe and Mail

Honorable Mention: Tyler Anderson – The National Post

General News – Sponsored by CNW

2. Rick Madonik – The Toronto Star

3. Jeff McIntosh – The Canadian Press

Feature sponsored by The Winnipeg Free Press

  1. Carlos Osorio – The Toronto Star

Portrait / Personality sponsored by Beau Photo

1. John Lehmann – The Globe and Mail

Sports Action sponsored by Nikon Canada

1. Steve Russell – The Toronto Star

Sports Feature sponsored by Lowepro Canada

3. Ben Nelms – Reuters

Pictorial sponsored by Canon Canada

2. John Lehmann – The Globe and Mail

Social Issue sponsored by Headshots

2. Matthew Sherwood – Independent

Single Multimedia sponsored by The Globe and Mail

3. Melissa Tait – The (Kitchener)

Honorable Mention: Ryan Jackson – The Edmonton Journal

Picture Story – Sponsored by Leica

Honorable Mention: Peter Power – The Globe and Mail

Photojournalist of the Year winner & finalists – Sponsored by Reuters


Steve Russell – The Toronto Star


John Lehmann – The Globe and Mail

Rick Madonik – The Toronto Star

Student Photojournalist of the Year – Sponsored by SAIT

Chloe Ellingson – Loyalist College

2011 Western Regional Monthly Clips Winner

John Lehmann – The Globe and Mail


Ontario Community Newspaper Award Winners

Premier Award — Student Photography

First – Galit Rodan – Beyond the change jar

Judge’s comments: “The first place image was obvious – a great photo of a difficult subject. Galit Rodan put herself in an uncomfortable place to capture this image, really well done.”

Second – Leah Myers – Cars and Scars

Judge’s comments: “Another well crafted photo, nice feel in black and white and perfectly cropped. Another difficult subject which was handled nicely by the photographer, Leah Myers.”

Third – Hadas Parush – The stuff of Alan Bridge

Overall a nice image, great leading lines of the stairs that frame the subject. Nice tones of colour and great body language from the subject added to that cluttered feeling of the photo.

General Comments:

Some nice entries in this category, a really nice mix of feature, sports and news images. The top three photos really jumped to the front of the line.

Premier Award-Student News Writing-Honourable Mention

Former student Nathan Rochford — Son gives gift of life to dad

A story about former Loyalist College registrar Charles Benson receiving a kidney from his son. The story was called “a touching, well-written story” by the judge.

The following Loyalist photojournalism graduates won or placed in the OCNA photography category awards:

  1. Lance Anderson, Peterborough This Week, Winner, Best Spot News Photo
  1. Karen Longwell, The Northumberland News, Winner, Best Feature Photo, circulation 10,000+
  1. Ryan Pfeiffer, Pickering News Advertiser, nominated for Photographer of the Year, placed third


Canadian Association of Journalists

CAJ Awards – Photojournalism category Portfolio entry

Winner: Steve Russell-The Toronto Star

— Steve is a Loyalist photojournalism graduate and a current member of the Loyalist College photojournalism advisory committee


2012 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards

Winners and placers

Loyalist Grads and former students

Newspapers Canada is honoured to recognize the winners of the 2012 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards. The annual national awards program celebrates excellence in community publishing from coast to coast and recognizes the very best in editorial, photography and multimedia initiatives from our CCNA-member community newspapers.

Some Loyalist photojournalism graduate winners include:

Galit Rodan (with a fellow journalist) for Best News Story (circulation 4,000 to 12,499) for NWT News/North

Adrienne Fox for Best Feature Series (circulation 4,000 to 12,499) for Wawatay News

Ian Stewart for Best Spot News Photo (circulation 4,000 to 12,499) for The Yukon News

Ryan Pfeiffer for Best Spot News Photo (circulation 12,500 and over) for the Pickering News Advertiser

Seung-Chul Baik, second place for Best Spot News Photo (circulation 12,500 and over) for The Richmond Review

Jenna Hauck, third place for Best Spot News Photo (circulation 12,500 and over) plus first place for Best Photo Illustration for The Chilliwack Review.

Adam Jackson for Best Sports Photo (circulation 4,000 to 12,499) for The Ponoka News

Former student Michelle Siu, for Best Sports Photo (circulation 12,500 and over) for The Oakville Beaver.

Jon Muldoon, third place, for Best Sports Photo, (circulation up to 3,999) for The Interior News

Lance Anderson, third place, for Best Photo Essay (circulation 12,500 and

Boaz Joseph, second place for Best Photo Essay (circulation 12,500 and over for The Leader Surrey/North Delta BC


Sony World Photography Awards


Current Affairs

Winner: Donald Weber (Canada) / VII PHOTO



Some links to follow for more images!–toronto-star-photographer-steve-russell-named-photojournalist-of-the-year-twice?bn=1

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