Time for a change? Let us help you with that!

This London cabbie answers his own question outside Victoria Station. (Frank O'Connor)

This London cabbie answers his own question outside Victoria Station. (Frank O’Connor)

Photojournalism is a spectacular career choice. Taking people literally and figuratively where they don’t get to go………….being the visual record keeper of your time…………shining a light on someone or something that otherwise escapes our collective notice. It is absolutely all that and more. At Loyalist College Photojournalism, we use the language of photography to tell stories with words and pictures; sometimes with one picture…… sometimes with multiple pictures…… and more recently, sometimes with video and sound.  Solid Photojournalism is always about people …….and life.

Our Photojournalism graduates find work in a variety of places. Many find themselves as staff photographers or freelance photographers for daily and weekly newspapers and wire services across this country.  Others work in the documentary field, producing visual stories for the freelance magazine, online and newspaper market. Still others work at home and abroad for picture agencies, producing single pictures and stories for editorial use.  Grads Don Weber and Lana Slezic have received awards for their respective social documentary photo books. Recent grads Patrick Callbeck and Marta Iwanek have won awards for their multi media story telling. Some of our grads choose to embrace the craft of picture editing, finding careers at Canadian newspapers, magazines and wire services.

We want our applicants to feel good about their choice of career and college. Feeling good about your chosen educational path is an important part of the process. Knowing that you are in the right place on the right path is fuel for the engine of learning. We look forward to helping you become the photojournalist that you want to be.


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