$$$$$$$Money,Money, Money, Money!………….These bursaries are for you! -Apply now!

Every year, bursary monies go without having been awarded. Why not have some of that money in your pocket. Don’t think “I likely wouldn’t qualify” ………..or “I would never get picked”. Money doesn’t buy happiness but when you are a student it sure does make a good “down payment”!

Loyalist’s award winning Awards Officer Joanne Farrell sent along this note this week, along with a copy of the Awards Directory. Have a look, follow the link and apply! Thanks Joanne!………………………..

Hi Frank.  Students can apply for bursaries by accessing the following link – www.myloyalist.com , log in, then click on the Awards and Bursaries Link and follow the prompts.   Based on the personal information that the student includes on the application (name, address, program, year of study, etc.) the system will provide a list of bursaries they are eligible for.   I am attaching a copy of the Awards Directory for reference. AwardsDirectory2013_14.web

The deadline to apply for bursaries is Friday September 20th at noon.   It is a time sensitive application and closes automatically at noon.  if there are supporting documents for students to complete, they do have until 4pm to submit them on the 20th.

Let me know if you need more information.

Joanne Farrell

Awards Officer

t. (613) 969-1913 ext. 2202

f. (613) 969-7905

e. JFarrell@loyalistc.on.ca



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