Congratulations to the 2014 Photojournalism Faculty Award Winners

Tomorrow, the  Photojournalism Class of 2014 will trade in their Photo J  t-shirt for a graduation gown, as we say goodbye to another great group of young people. The Loyalist College Photojournalism Program Faculty Awards of Excellence winners are proudly presented below, each winner having been chosen by a consensus of faculty members. It was a particularly difficult discussion this year as there are so many deserving students in this year’s classes. Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 11.34.48 PMCongratulations to all recipients!









The Peter Brysky Memorial Award recognizes overall commitment to and proficiency in, the craft of Photojournalism over the two years of the program.

The winner is Hannah Yoon 

The Paul Henry Memorial Award recognizes a commitment to news coverage, particularly breaking spot news.

The winner is Justin Chin

The Bill Hunt Memorial Award recognizes excellence in reporting and writing in the first year of the Photojournalism program.

The winner is Elaine Bombay

The Bob Huggan Memorial Award recognizes excellence in reporting and writing in the second year of the Photojournalism Program.

The winner is Natalie McMullen

The Shaun Best Memorial Award recognizes dedication to and consistent excellence in the field of sports photojournalism.

The winner is Justin Chin.

The Doug Wicken Award recognizes commitment and excellence in Documentary photojournalism and visual storytelling in either year of the program.

The winner is Annie Sakkab. 

The John Peterson Award  recognizes excellence and proficiency in the discipline of Picture editing.

The winner is Kaitlin Abeele.

The Val Baltkalns Memorial Award  recognizes excellence in editorial portraiture.

The winner is Christopher King

The Multimedia Award recognizes overall excellence in and commitment to multimedia storytelling in the best traditions of photojournalism.

The winner is Emily Cumming. 

The First Year  Excellence in Photojournalism Award  recognizes overall excellence in all areas of Photojournalism.

The winner is Dillan Cools

The Bill White Award recognizes perseverance and excellence displayed by a student in either or both years of the program.

The winner is Kaitlin Abeele

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