Not a licensed driver? We have a course for that!

One of the biggest barriers to getting an internship or starting your journalism career is often simply not having a drivers licence. To remedy this, we have organized a driver training evening course held on campus. In-car training sessions can leave right from campus. The course is offered by Collision Prevention Driver Training in cooperation with Loyalist College. This began as a Photojournalism initiative but is open to anyone in the Loyalist Community. Watch this blog for more information. The course is booked for Wednesday evenings beginning Sept. 24th through Nov. 5. The rate is a special reduced rate for Loyalist. You can contact Collision Prevention directly to register at

(613) 967-7770  (make sure you mention Loyalist)

The sooner you get your licence, the sooner you begin getting the experience which will ultimately lower your insurance costs.

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coordinator Loyalist College Photojournalism Program
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