A toast…..to the “Muse”


I had the distinct pleasure of attending the opening of a very special exhibit recently at the Gladstone Hotel Gallery in Toronto, part of Scotiabank’s Contact 2017 Photo Festival.

Seven of the eight female photographers participating in “Muse” , as mentioned in an earlier post, are part of the Loyalist Photojournalism family.

All of the participants graduated in different years, yet there they were, together, each sharing a personal vision with their work. Their collective works simply blew me away.

It got me thinking on the long drive home……… thinking about how during the early days of each and every first semester at Loyalist, we talk about the philosophy of “the camera”, and how we hope each new student embraces the camera as their best friend……….a searchlight at times…. a sounding board…. a mirror ….but a constant in our lives, in good times or bad. While really just a tool, the camera is more than just a picture wrench. We hope students will embrace the camera as something more than that device with which they will make a living.

These eight women personify that philosophy in this show. This exhibit defines that philosophy of journey, growth and witness.

Each photographer lets you, the viewer, experience their personal journey. It was an honour to see it and it reminded me how lucky we are here at Loyalist to be even a small part of that journey.

Please go visit this exhibit at the Gladstone this month. You will be very glad you did.- Frank O’Connor

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