November 8th Photojournalism Pioneer

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Over the next few weeks, we will be profiling some of the work of  first-year photojournalism students.


Pamela Kaltenrieder, a local artist who originally hails from Malta, stands beside one of her two works on display titled “Confusion” at the Belleville Art Association’s annual juried show “Perspectives”. Kaltenrieder is a member of the BAA. Photo by Matthew Syriac Elias

Juried show features work of artists

By Matthew Syriac Elias

The Belleville Art Association inaugurated its annual juried show Perspectives in early October.
The opening reception was attended by various honorary guests, Parrot Gallery officials and the members of the BAA itself. The event took place at The Parrott Gallery in downtown Belleville, situated right above the Belleville Public Library on Pinnacle Street.

Ron Sayeau is the current chairperson of the association. He said that the community is celebrating its 60th year. The annual juried show is conducted, hosted and curated by the gallery every October.

The community sponsors the prizes for the winners. Besides the award for best works and pieces from the exhibition, some of the awards are also given out for special recognition. Every year during the summer, a call goes out throughout the Quinte region for artists to submit their works.

Works are accepted until the first week of September. Out of all the submitted pieces, the jury members handpick the shortlisted 65 paintings, which are then kept for display at the two galleries, until the first week of November.

The Juror’s Choice Award was won by Sharon Bower for her work Mystical Meandering. “Technically interesting and unique, esthetically beautiful, this work evoked a dream-like landscape that I thought reflected the liminal place between imagination and the physical world,” said Bower.

Pamela Kaltenrieder is a local artist, hailing from the tiny island of Malta. She had two works on display, titled Confusion and Heart on Fire. She loves to include multiple elements and ideologies in her paintings, with a philosophical angle to it.

Kaltenrieder takes pictures of things she finds interesting in her surroundings, and of the places she visits, be it trivial things such as a scarf, a carpet, or something magnificent, like a large tree or a sunset.

Though in recent works, Kaltenrieder has attempted to express her standpoints and feelings towards what’s going on in today’s world. “Where do I stand? Where do I place my elements?” were the questions that revolved in her mind while working on Heart on Fire.

Susan Holland, curator of the John M. Parrott Art Gallery, believes that the BAA strong organization, with a tightly held community of artists, keeps boosting its membership.

“Every time, there’s new names, which means there are new members. Maybe not new members every time, but members who were not confident enough to show their work earlier. So now they are. I think it’s a very supporting and uplifting group, always upping people to get to the next level.”

Holland said the competition is open to anyone who is a member of the BAA, and most of the members are from in and around the Quinte region.

“My job is to curate the paintings after jurying and decide where and how the paintings hang inside the gallery. It’s as important as to arrange these beautiful works as the works themselves.“

Holland said it’s a fun process, and that she enjoys the different events that come to the gallery every month. “There’s always something new to see,” she said with a smile.

Admission to the gallery events is always free or nominal, as the gallery is part of the library and funded through the municipality.

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