November 22nd Photojournalism Pioneer

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Rawan Youssef, a third-year Film and TV Production student and a casting director and with a leading role, gets makeup applied before filming. Photo by Jessie Munro

Calls go out for actors

By Jessie Munro

Loyalist College’s film and TV production’s third-year students recently held casting calls for their fall productions.

Approximately 30 people came to the auditions in late September and early October. The auditions were held in the production studios.  The casting calls were not just open the school, but were also open to the community.

The students sent out notices to social media, radio stations and hung posters around Loyalist to let as many people as possible know about the casting calls.

Each audition per person lasted about 10 minutes but depending whether a person was auditioning for multiple roles, they can choose up to five roles to audition with.

Before auditions happened, the actors would sign up and familiarize themselves with the script. When ready they were escorted to the audition room, where a panel of third-year students sat and asked the actors questions about their experience, and how they heard about the casting sessions.

The auditions were filmed so third-year students could look back at everyone’s audition.

“We didn’t get as many good auditions as we thought. By Friday, we were nervous but funnily enough, on Friday all our lead roles came and it was just perfect, so it went really well,’’ said Rawan Youssef, a third-year student and casting director.

Youssef was only going to help with script writing but she knew the characters so well, her professor said she should direct casting.

Students were required to choose a single camera major which is the movie, a studio series major production or a specialization production, which could be a web series, a music video and or eight– to 10-minute documentary.  

A total of 28 students pitched ideas in front of their professors, which were then narrowed down to five to seven projects that will move forward. Some productions need talent, so the film and TV production students hold the casting sessions. The casting sessions are for all the productions that need actors.

“First year is foundation, the basics,’’ Paul Papadopoulos a Loyalist College Film and TV Production professor said.

“First year you learn camera work, you learn how to edit, you learn how to, you learn the basics of everything. And then in second year, you put it into process. You’re in crew. You’re doing documentaries. You’re doing lifestyle series like reality shows like what they’re doing with the culinary program,” Papadopoulos said.

“But it’s more important about learning the process. You took the basics, now you put them into practice. Third year is about the product.”

After the students review the footage from the casting sessions, they will decide who gets which role. After the decision and call backs, they will begin filming in a couple of weeks.

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