Loyalist Photojournalism and Flight 752

Mourners attend a vigil in memory of Iranian student Amir Moradi, who was killed in the crash of a Ukrainian passenger plane near Tehran, at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada January 10, 2020. REUTERS/Alex Filipe. NO SALES. NO ARCHIVES.

      Like many Canadians, I watched the events surrounding the shooting down of Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 unfold as friends, families and everyday Canadians consumed every piece of information they could, seeking to comprehend the unthinkable. 

      My sadness though, was tinged selfishly perhaps, with a bit of pride. I turned on the breaking news channel on CBC to see a press conference with the Prime Minister about to start. In the front row were Photojournalism graduates Blair Gable, Andrew Meade and Justin Tang, working for newspapers, magazines, wire services and websites, all contributing to the flow of information surrounding the breaking news. Recent grad Andre Ivanov’s vigil coverage made the New York Times. Undergrad Alex Felipe provided vigil coverage for Reuters, while semester two undergrad Daniel Geleyn provided vigil photos for our college publication “The Photojournalism Pioneer. All across this country, Loyalist Photojournalism grads were present at vigils, telling the stories of the victims and sharing the collective losses of Canadians with the world.

     We often brag about the members of our Photojournalism family when they win awards; and oh how they have, but it is not lost upon us that we are so proud of the everyday efforts of our grads and students that together weave such an important thread in the fabric of this country. As we approach our 35thyear, I am also reminded how lucky our team is, to have the privilege of being a part of the best kept secret in journalism education in Canada. -Frank

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