Attend Loyalist College Photojournalism

My name is Frank O’Connor. I am the coordinator of the Photojournalism Program here at Loyalist and would like to welcome you to the possibility of living life in a front row seat!

The Loyalist College Photojournalism Program is in its 35th year. We have graduates working around the corner, across Canada, and all over the world.

This is a hands-on practical course. We are content driven. We want you to produce pictures that say something………that mean something………….that capture a moment or little slice of life.  Some have defined photojournalism as “the marriage of words and pictures”, or “storytelling”…………….sometimes with one picture………sometimes with ten pictures…………and more recently, sometimes with the added multimedia dimension of sound and or video. The modern photojournalist is one who is adaptable and multi-skilled.  Our pledge is to provide you with that “triple threat skillset” of still photography, writing and multimedia. This is the skill set of the modern journalist. It is highly transferable to a myriad of applications in communication, commercial and advertorial opportunities.

Class section sizes are small, on average 17 to 21 students in each.  Many of our students develop lifelong friendships at Loyalist, and a sense of family and kindred spirits prevails here. Our students come from across Canada and on occasion from around the world.

There is no entrance portfolio required for the 2 year diploma course. A high school diploma or equivalent allows application at the Ontario college application service website.

We also offer a fast track Photojournalism which allows for direct entry into the second semester of the program in January for those with previous training, post secondary education or experience in the field. While not for everyone, the fast track can be the right fit for some. A portfolio of journalistic images is required for consideration for admission, along with an interview and transcript of your previous educational experience. We are happy to consider applicants for the January start fast track right up to the start of classes in January. Contact me at if you have questions about applying.

Photojournalism students range in age from 17 to 55 and beyond! Some students come to us right out of high school. Some students have just finished university, and still others are coming to us as lifelong learners starting a second or third career! Year to year on average, the class is 60% female, 40% male.

State of the art labs are equipped with Macintosh computers, loaded with all the software one will need as dictated by industry standards. Most students arrive with a laptop but it is not mandatory to have one. PCs are fine, and it s perfectly okay to use one. Our newsroom in the new Digital Media Centre is cutting edge, preparing you for the multi platform newsrooms of the future.

Our program is blessed with a vibrant current Advisory Committee comprised of industry professionals from across the country. The Board meets with students each semester to view portfolios, offer advice and help in industry networking.

Equipment is a big question for many students. While students are expected to provide their own basic equipment set, Loyalist maintains a pool of loaner lenses, allowing the student to experience the full range of lenses used in industry.

Please visit our dedicated program blog at

It connects to our program website at

Both sites contain a wealth of information, both recently posted and archived.  Student portfolios and links to graduate portfolio websites are posted there, along with archived editions of the Photojournalism Pioneer, the award-winning student online paper whose content is produced entirely by 4th semester Photojournalism students.

The main Loyalist website at contains a wealth of information as well, linking you to college policies, services and scholarship opportunities.

Our students and grads produce spectacular work, and are regularly honoured at the professional and student level, both nationally and internationally.

Our philosophy is one of hands on, practical experience, allowing the student to acquire both the skill set and the confidence to apply it.  If you have any questions about anything in the Photojournalism Program at Loyalist, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Frank O’Connor

Coordinator, Photojournalism

Loyalist College,

Belleville, Ontario

K8N 5B9

613 969-1913 x 2270

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